Phuket is an island, one of the southern provinces of Thailand. Neighboring provinces are Phang Nga, Krabi. Phuket is the biggest island among islands of Thailand, it is almost the size of Singapore.

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Street food in Thailand

Street food is a true soul of Thailand. You can eat everywhere at any time of a day. It is an eating country, there is always something interesting nearby. Any conversation in Thailand is usually devoted to any subject of food. Everybody is familiar with the wordcombination Thai Cuisine but only those who have visited Thailand really got to know, came to understanding what it is. As in any Asian country the food in Thailand is quite specific but very tasty. Thai people love keeping company while eating. That is why there is wide range of Thai food in the streets and it is even an art.

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Wat Bang Riang, Phang Nga Province

Having seen Krabi Temples during our stay in Ao Nang we decided to broaden our traveling boarders and visit the neighboring province Phang Nga which is almost in 80 km to the South. So to speak, Ao Nang is always seen a bit of a jumping point to other places nearby. What we were interested so much was a picturesque hilltop temple called Wat Bang Riang (Thai official name is Wat Rat Upatam) located on Khao Lan Mountain in Thap Put, Phang Nga province. we started at dawn. The way led through some local villages located in the depth of Jungle and escaping the main road. See some pictures made on the way attached. After 3 hours of riding a bike and several stops to make pictures and drink some liquid as the heat was speeding up with us we finally got to the place.

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Tubkaek Beach

Located in 20 km to the North from Ao Nang, in 7 km from Khlong Muang. It is the farthest beach and the quietest one. The road leading to it ends right after the beach and the National Park begins. As the name Tubkaek is Thai, it spells differently in English:Tubkaek, Tup Kaek, Tubkaak. Even at the road signs you can see different spelling. The Seashore is long and sandy. You will find Resorts at the 1st sea line, then the Highway and then the Jungle begins. The beach is remote from Thai settlements, markets, shops and guest houses.

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Aonang's sky

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