Thai cats

Thai people adore and pet their cars as they believe that a cat keeps the house away from evil spirits. The former country's name is Siam. Many legends are connected with cats in Thailand. They give explanation why Siam cats are blue - eyed and have broken tip of a tail.

Siam cats used to live at King's Residence till the middle of the last century. At old times Siam cats were necessarily present at the death of one Monarch and coronation of another one as they, according to the legend, were temporary guardians of the souls of dead Kings. If during the coronation the cat kept calm it meant that the spirit of the King gave his blessing to the reign of a new one. As the King and the Royal family are highly respected and loved in Thailand the same attitude goes to cats.

Some people feed cats and keep them in order to protect their homes from snakes. Strange it may seem but Thai cats are capable to catch and kill snakes. Cats are distantly related to Mongoose. They both belong to "Suborder of Feliformia". Thailand is the motherland not only of Siam cats but it is also famous for Oriental cats and recently the breed of Korat has been officially registered.