Wat Tham Sua - 1237 steps to the Sky

Not far from Krabi town (in 170 km from Phuket) there is a cave in the wood. According to the legend a tiger used to live there long ago. His menacing growling could be heard all over the place. In 1975 Biddist Monks came there for meditations. The tiger had disappeared to that time but the name "Tiger Cave" still exists. Our story is about this amazing place. There are several places on the territory of "The Tiger Cave" that are worth visiting. First of all it is the very Cave where the tiger lived.

Wat Tham Sua

The second place is a thousand-year wood for meditations where the monks live.

Wat Tham Sua

The third is a View Point of 600 meters high.

Wat Tham Sua

Tiger Cave.

The Cave is connected with two - stored building where buddist monks meet you at the entrance. There are a lot of Monks - women that are usually dressed in white cloth and bareheaded, men wear orange cloth. Inside the cave Monks say good luck to you and bind a rope to your hand for happiness. You will really feel happier after leaving the Cave.

Wat Tham Sua

Follow to Thousand - Year Wood for Meditations.

The sign at the Entrance says that it is prohibited to enter it in short shorts or in clothes with short sleeves. It is an old wood. The wood is surrounded by the cliffs, inside it you will find a path that will lead you along all the territory for 30 minutes. There is dim light inside the wood because of the cliffs and ebonies. Listen to cicadas singing and see roots of the trees intertwining so much that it seems that one of the roots will become alive and turn into a snake. You can see Monks living in small wooden cabins. There is Buddha Statue inside the rock. There are also some small caves inside it where Monks meditate. From time to time they leave the wood walking somewhere on their own. There is also a Chinese Pagoda dedicated to Kuan Im (the Goddess of Fertility).

Wat Tham Sua

The View Point with 1237 step to Top Mountain.

At the top of the mountain there is a View Point and Buddha Statue. The mountain is 600 meters high, you will find a ladder with 1237 step, all the steps are numbered. On your way up, at 200 steps a strong feeling of tiredness may come to you, if you overcome this feeling and go further at 500 step you will feel the second wind. And it is really worth going up because once you are at the top the picturesque view opens from above. Unforgettable experience. Besides you can meet numerous monkeys living among the trees of the wood and walking everywhere during day time.

How to get there.

The entrance is free, you can give some donations to Monks for Building of the Temple. If you go from Phuket or Phang Nga to the Krabi Airport then approximately before 6 km to the Airport there will be Big C (big shopping Center) and Tesco Lotus after it. In 500 meters before Big C turn left and in 1,5 km turn left again and this road will lead you to Wat Tam Sua.

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