What to see on Phuket

1. Big Buddha Phuket.

It seems to be the main place of interest here on Phuket - the statue of 45 miters high stands on the highest mountain. It can bee seen from different points on the Island.
If you are eager to visit it, be careful on your way because you will have to go quite a steep lacet, but it is worth it.
There is a temple at the foot of the mountain. This place is very beautiful, peaceful and it is perfect to collect your thoughts and feel energetic.

2. Wat Chalong temple.

It is functioning Buddhists temple on Phuket as well as well known tourists Mecca. Many people come to see a really living temple, sometimes they take excursions or come by themselves. One can feel the atmosphere of peace and happiness saying nothing about amazing beauty of this place.
The temple complex consists of several buildings, many of which can be visited and taken pictures in. Please take off your shoes before you enter this sacred place and you must be dressed properly for this occasion (for women: knees and shoulders must be covered). You can walk freely along the temple territory.

3. View point at Promtep Cape.

It is the perfect place to watch the sunset. The very moment when the sun goes deeper into the sea and mountains and palm trees are around it. Such a picturesque place. It is the most Southern point of the Island.

4. Bangla Road Patong.

A famous street on Patong Beach. Quite the place for clubs and bars with all that fun and non - stop merry - making that you can get here.

5. Sunday Market Phuket.

The biggest market on the Island. For those who are eager to buy some souvenirs it works Saturdays - Sundays from 16.00 till 23.00. The clothes sold here is cheap and not of so high quality. You can barter with Thai sellers, usually they give you higher price and then handle you a calculator to show the price you are ready to give for this or that thing. Give them the price that twice cheaper than the original one and you will make a deal.

6. Seafood Market Rawai.

The perfect place for Seafood to your taste. You can buy it and go to the nearest cafe where they will cook it for you. There is also a small souvenir market nearby. It is all at the Rawai Pier.

7. Elephant tracking.

There are many places on Phuket where you can do that. Drop at any place you see it and enjoy your ride.

8. Monkey Hill.

It is not so tourists area. You can meet hundreds of monkeys here absolutely for free and feed them with bananas. they are calm here and in search of food. But still, be careful, be respectful and calm as you can. Coming here you enter a different world that is the world of Monkeys.

9. Central Festival.

If you are in search of iPhone or iPad this is the place. Thailand is the third country in the World where you can buy Apple at a cheap price. Welcome to central Festival with its Apple Store and some other stores. It looks like a general Mall with clothes, technics and food.

10.  Phuket Zoo.

It is close to Chalong Circle. The cost is 500 baht for adults and 300 baht for kids. The cost includes 3 shows held on the Zoo territory (they are given several times a day): elephants show, monkey show and crocodile show.

11. Bird Park Phuket.

A comparatively new attraction on Phuket. The park was opened in summer 2013. It is quite a huge Park with different birds. It is interesting to see. The price includes birds show.

12. Bangpae Waterfall.

The biggest of three Phuket`s waterfalls. A scenic area where you can walk among the jungle tropic trees of hundreds of years old. there is a pond nearby.

13. Wat Siray.

One more Buddhists temple but you will hardly see tourists or people here except several monks. It is the quietest place on Phuket. There is a big statue of lying Buddha in the temple.

14. Aquarium Phuket.

Here you will get an opportunity to see the underwater world of Thailand. It is not so big. The price is 100 baht.

15. Mai Khao Beach.

This beach is situated near the Phuket Airport. You can see planes coming up and down right above your head. It is spectacular. Must see on Phuket.